I sommar släpps James Vincent McMorrows efterlängtade skiva ”Grapefruit Season” via Columbia Records. 16 juli släpps skivan och den kan förbokas HÄR! Idag släpptes också vackra singeln ”Waiting” från det kommande albumet. Som om inte det vore nog kan vi äntligen bekräfta ett nytt datum för James Vincent McMorros otroligt efterlängtade konsert i Sverige – lördag 12 februari på Nalen i Stockholm!

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Dublinartisten gör det mesta själv. Han producerar, skriver, spelar, sjunger och framträder med musik direkt från hjärtat. Och det är många som längtat efter McMorrows nya album. Ett album vars grundstomme producerades i Los Angeles och färdigställdes i norra London tillsammans med stjärnproducenten Paul Epworth.

James själv beskriver skivan så här:

“Every time a new song or album comes out, I get a mail asking me to put together some thoughts on the songs and how they came together, where they came from, what they mean. The truth is I just live my life, the songs come when they come, and they come from wherever they come from. Then once they’re done I start worrying about if they’re good enough, if I mean enough to make them good enough.

This last year has been a massive lesson in patience for all of us. But I don’t feel any more patient than I did before, in fact the opposite, I feel impatient. I had this album finished last year and then the world stopped and I had to stop. I remember sitting in my car crying after I heard that we’d be parking the work until 2021, and then I wrote ‘Waiting.’ It’s a song about feeling sorry for myself, and then going home and talking to the one person in my life who understands just how awkward a fit all of this is for me, and who loves me for the actual human I am and not what I curate in order to feel like the person I need to be.

I don’t know if any of this makes any sense – but ‘Grapefruit Season’ is about embracing the idea nothing makes sense. None of it is supposed to be linear. Music isn’t some holy grail to a greater meaning, it’s supposed to remove you from where you are for a moment and take you somewhere else. And I’m not saying that isn’t a transcendent thing, because when it’s done well it truly is. And I believe/hope I have done it well with this album. I’m just saying that at the end of the day, music is a simple idea unadorned idea that doesn’t need bells and whistles to make it work…. unless you’re making an album where the only instruments are bells and whistles, then you definitely need them to make it work.”

Missa inte stjärnan James Vincent McMorrow på svensk mark – lördag 12 februari på Nalen i Stockholm!

Datum 2022
Lördag 12 februari – Nalen, Stockholm

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